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Makino a61 #2

Spindle – 12,000 RPM High Power Spindle

Shank – CAT 40 Spindle Interface

Retention stud – JIS Retention Stud

Table – NC Rotary Table

ATC – 40 Tool ATC

Machine color – Navy Blue and White

APC – Pallet Changer, P/C Cover w/ Door Intlck, Random Pallet Selection, Pallet Clamp Confirm Function, Payload 500kg, CPH upper (12+12 port), Continuous Pressure Hydraulics

Pallet – 500mm Tapped Hole Pallets

Coolant – Eight (8) Nozzle Coolant, Overhead shower coolant system, 300 psi TSC and Air , Water Soluble Coolant

Chip Removal – Lift-up Chip Conveyor

Air/hydraulic pressure – Air Dryer, Daikin Auto Lubrication Unit

Monitoring system – BTSOMA

Others – Signal Light 3-layer

Standard Specification – Auto Spdle Lub Temp Controller, GI control, Auto Power Shutoff

Controller Type – Professional 5 Control

Interpolation – Helical Interpolation

Part program storage & editing – Prog storage 1050ft, Registered Program Number:  63

Tool Compensation – Tool Offsets Pairs (Total):  99, Tool Offset Memory Type A

Programming support function – Custom Marco common var 100

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